A Lasallian Artist Summer

We Lasallian artists spent the summer doing what we do best... performing :) every year before the school year starts, the university holds a 2-day orientation (LPEP) for the incoming freshmen (or "froshies", as we Lasallians would call them). In that 2-day orientation, we performing groups from the Cultural Arts Office and the DLSU Animo Squad were asked to showcase what we got to the froshies. :)

It was a very tiring 2-week performance, with 5:30 am calltimes every MWF and exhausting performances every TTHS. But despite all that, it was still a very fun experience :) I love how LPEP brought each CAO group closer to each other. I gained lots of new friends within those two weeks!

Even if I wasn't able to go to the beach this summer, LPEP 2k10 completed my season. :) come to think of it, the past two months haven't been that much of a summer to me, but it's still the best one so far. Best birthday, LPEP, GC. ♥

Photos by Ces Bajamundi, Yves Gaston, Hannah Adriano, Reigine Obrero, Larissa Nodalo, Anjo Valle
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LSDC-Contemporary "Gabriel" - LPEP day 2 performance :)


Anonymous said...

Cool. :) Ang fab lagi ng costumes you. Haha! Animo La Salle! :)))

Erika said...

Thanks Marla! Animo La Salle indeed! You planning to take the DLSUCET? :)