All Grown Up :)

For those who don't know, I turned 18 last Monday :) feels great to finally be of legal age here in the Philippines! I'm excited to finally get myself a license--mom says I have to have one before the year ends ;p

Because it's still summertime, I was able to celebrate my birthday on a weekday. What better day to celebrate than on the day of my birth itself! I personally found it odd, having my debut party on a Monday night, but what the hey :D I even had "special guests" in my party! Little did I know that in the non-smoking area of the venue, Gibo Teodoro was holding a party as well. Because I am for Gibo, it was awesome to be having a party next door! My dad was even friends with some of his guests, mostly the band (Rivermaya). Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to have a photo taken with him and/or Edu Manzano, unlike some of my friends. :( I was too busy entertaining my own guests! But that's ok I guess. :D

Going back to my party!!!
I was actually surprised with the number of guests that arrived. I've never felt so loved in my entire life. HAHA. It was truly the best birthday I've had yet, thank you mom, dad, the rest of my family and friends! I believe turning 18 is special and it wouldn't have been any more special than my experience. :) although things did not really go according to plan and everything went on last minute, it was still a perfect night. :)

Here are some photos taken by my official photographers for the night, my aunt Medal and friend Mark.

For more photos, check out my Facebook and Mark's Shutterfly. :)

Dress: made by my godmother, Tina
Hair: done by her also :)
Make-up: done by my aunt Faye
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Watch: Swatch, gift from tita Bambi

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