Pretty Eventful Weekend


Friday was the day I dedicated to my IntPrin group. :-) we had our fashion spread photo shoot in the morning at GP which ended at around noon. For the shoot, we borrowed clothes from bYSI which were modeled by 4 awesome possum friends of ours. The clothes were so nice, I wish they were mine! Especially the super cute little black dress which costs 3, 500!

Group shot!
(From L-R: Abbie, Ramon, Michelle, Jeune, Erika [me!], AJ, Carla, Maxi, Nix, Mickey & Ron)

I don't have the official pictures for the mag except this one.

Since the shoot ended early, we were able to have lunch out and hang out in school for a while. I was asked to go to The Block to fetch some shoes for a product shoot and since I didn't wanna go alone, I called Desa. We were going to meet up at around 6:30 pm pa so I had a whole afternoon to kill. There was an event in school, Green Nation, which we didn't really participate in but we were just there. There was free food too! Food fest. :-) we got some cotton candy! And some free coffee. ;-) I spent half the time with Reese, Brent, AJ and ate Cams and the other half with just AJ. We killed time in the conserve since it was getting too hot outside! Took lotsa photobooth pictures. :-)

The Pebbles look.

I left school at around 5:30 then got to The Block about an hour after, just in time to meet Desa. It took them awhile to release the shoes to me! I got them at around 8:30 na, actually. But on the bright side, I found a really cute pair I liked & reserved it. Stupid atm won't let me withdraw. :-( so yeah. BV night, sort of.

Poor picture quality. :-/
Thrifted blazer, Mossimo tube top, Tinkerbell necklace, rolled-up jeans, People are People gold glitter belt, So Fab heels



I had some "me time"! I woke up early for the shoot that was supposed to happen in Cubao X at 9 am. It was already 9 but I wasn't leaving the house yet since I live nearby and I was waiting for messages of my groupmates. No one was replying and no one was answering their phones so I stayed at home. About 2 hours after I found out that they got kicked out of Cubao X! So yeah my morning plans were ruined, sort of. I didn't join them for the shoot anymore.

I went my lola's house to get my money then off to Trinoma I went! Here's where my "me time" begun. I watched Up in 3D! Yeah I was pretty willing to spend a lot for that. It was so sad, I cried three times. :-( but I love it! I love how Disney movies make me cry. :-) Russell is too cute! Anyway, after the movie, I went to The Block to get the shoes I reserved the day before. :-) so happy! I'm starting to become shoe fetish. :-/

I went home after and Dani was here shortly after, to start preparing for Miko's. Lara came over as well and we left for the party at around 9. Frankly, last year's party was better, but this year's was good as well. :-) it's just that I don't know much of who attended this year! But at least I was with my GCPs :-)

My favorite part of the night: Vergs and Lara's version of the reverse "I've Never"! Secrets revealed (well just the two of them). WILD NIYO LANG. :))

Love you, GCPs!
Hah, talo ka Vergs! :)) si Lara pa hinamon mo! LOL.
M(phosis halter top, Herbench skinny jeans (rolled up), So Fab heels, zebra-striped tie, People are People gold glitter belt

We left the party at around 1:30. Sleptover at Lara's after. :-)


I left Lara's at around 1 to go to Shang for an interview. Unfortunately the interview never happened as my interviewee didn't show up. :)) so I ended up window shopping. I saw lots of good stuff in Topshop and Zara. I should start saving up again! Note to self: stop spending too much money on food.

Went home at around 3. Mark arrived at around 4 to do the product shoot with me. He was my photographer! Yey thanks Mark. :-) he made me try to do some shots as well. I'm excited to take FOTOCOM already! I need a dSLR please!

I went to my lola's house then Rockwell after. I watched Up again, but this time not in 3D and I wasn't alone anymore. :)) watched it with my cousins, titas and pamangkin. :-) I didn't cry as much as I did yesterday!

We didn't have Lulu Belle :-( but we bought Royce chocolates! And we were supposed to have dinner at Pepper Lunch but they refused to serve us because there was be a lot of us. Grrr, I was already in my "beef pepper rice" zone! :-/ =)) we ended up having sisig at Dencio's.

Went home after.

God, I sound so boring. :-( I suck at blogging!

Anyway. Hell week's here. But that doesn't stop me from not doing what I have to do. :))

Party? Party!

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