Girl Talk

I love how I can talk to my mom about (almost) everything. On the way home from school earlier, we were talking about boys, boyfriends, exes, and recent guys we like. It was so fun! I love how I can be open to her and she can be open to me as well. :-)

I told her about the type of guys I like and don't like... with examples. :)) coz there's this guy who's totally annoying me right now. The conversation started because of him, actually! Anyway. So I showed my mom pictures of the guys I used to like and the guy I like right now. Conversations about "types" followed, again! I don't like funny guys, I'm more inclined to liking the serious-type of guys. And now I finally know where I got it. Mom said that it's normal for only children (girls) to be attracted to a guy who's just like her dad. In my case, my dad's quiet and pretty serious, but can get funny at times too. THAT'S HOW I LIKE MY GUY TO BE!

When I told my mom that the guy I like right now has a girlfriend, she just said "sus ok lang yan!". I swear that made me laugh! WOOT AHASIN NA. =))))))))))))))))

We had an hour-long conversation. I swear I love how my mom and I had it. I love how she's my best best friend among my best friends. :-)

PS. I wasn't the one doing most of the talking. She had her share of sharing experiences and agreeing with what I say. :))

PPS. Yesterday was a GV day for me!

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