I Wish Vampires Were Real


I started marathoning True Blood some time last week. The first time I watched it (when it first came out in 2008), I actually didn't like it because of all the sex and gore. I didn't believe my mom when she said that it would get better as the series progresses, so I stopped watching after the first episode.

I got bored last week and got curious about True Blood again and decided to give it a go. I GOT HOOKED. The story's good but weird. But better than Twilight, of course. :-) it's more "realistic" in a way... vampires burn in the sun, they don't sparkle and they sleep in the day!

I'm a Bill/Sookie shipper, even if I think Eric's hotter than Bill. They make me more kilig than Edward/Bella! :x vamp sex is so hot. I wish vampires were real. :)) I'd have sex with Godric any day. Or Eric! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH :x

I can't wait for episode 10 of season 2! I just saw episode 9 this morning and oh my mama GODRIC!!!! I miss him already. :-( it's so sad that he's already gone. I cried along with Eric! But I did cry human tears, not blood. ;-)

Godric, I love you forever. :-(

Anyway, I'll leave you guys with pictures. I'm getting derailed. I need to start writing properly now! I suck at reviews and other things like this. Especially when I get all hyped up and excited about what I'm writing! Aaaahhhhh anyway on to the pictures...

Eric Northman

Eric/Sookie sex scene (dream sequence)!

Hey Godric, how you doin?!

So godly. O:-)

Jason Stackhouse

So cute! Just had to post it. Found it in Tumblr. :-)

Sookie & Bill

Hot season 2 promo shot!

Sorry if all the pictures are from season 2. I personally think it's better than season 1 :-)

Pictures from different True Blood tumblrs. :-)

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