CAO Awards 2009

Thrifted black dress, Rusty Lopez Balmain-inspired heels, Banana Republic jasmine jacket, beret, chain belt, vintage "magazine" clutch bag

The night was very eventful for two of my best friends... Reese and Brent! But I'll get to that later. So, CAO Awards... it wasn't as fun as last year's! This year it was only held at the Sports Complex (last year: Great Eastern Hotel/Aberdeen Court) and it ended at 8:30! We (Brent, Reese and me) arrived at 7:30 so we weren't really able to catch anything.

Fashionably late grand entrance-rs. :))

Reese & I with the newbies!

We decided to go out for drinks after. It took us a long time to finally decide where to go (and we thought since we couldn't decide, we'd go home instead): Bazzo bar at Blue Wave. :-) we got "drunk" on Margarita!

Kuya Alvin, Rash & ate Cams were there too!

We left at around 11 though 'cause Reese had a curfew. But but but...

Extremely happy vibes at Brent's car! SOMEONE'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND! :-D

I'm extremely happy for Brent and Reese, really. :-) ate Pre and I have been screaming really loud for the both of them since last night (well I still am screaming deep down inside. So freaking happy for you two!)! I don't think I've ever seen Brent as happy as he was last night. Great vibes in the car last night. ATE PRE, TAYO NALANG SINGLE SA HTF!!!!!!!!!!

For more pictures, go to my Facebook/Multiply page. :-)

Looking forward to next year's CAO Awards! Hopefully it would be less boring. And that Jazz would win tons of awards! LET'S DO THIS, JAZZ!

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