Great Game, Archers.

Great game, indeed.

Starting at 5pm earlier, Twitter and Facebook status updates have all become related to the UAAP match between the DLSU Green Archers and ADMU Blue Eagles. I was on the Green side, of course. ;-) unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to bag myself a ticket to watch it live in the Big Dome, but I think watching it on television was more than enough for me. :-)

The game was wild. Pretty intense, actually. For the first 3 quarters, the Archers were 6, 8 and 4 points in the lead, respectively (if I remember it right). As I predicted, there would be an overtime with the score tied up to 67. In the end, the Eagles were victorious with a score of 76 to the Archers' 72.

It was a very interesting game! I couldn't help but shriek here at home. :)) the halftime was FTW, also! Good job, pep. (Nix very madami ang focus sayo! Quidot ka ni mr. Cameraman. :-P)

For quite some time now, I've had a hidden happy crush on one of my classmates who happens to be one of the Green Archers, too: Maui Villanueva. It's not so hidden anymore now, is it? And just today, I've developed a happy crush on another one of my Green Archer classmates: David Webb! And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Come on, scoring 26 points in today's game? HE WAS AMAZING! (In your face, Dr. Hernandez [Kaspil2 prof]! :)) he keeps on 'teasing' them in class. "Ano laman ng bola? HANGIN." and other shit like that HAHAHA) I think he was the best player in today's game. Unfortunately for the Green side, the Archers' momentum completely lost after Webb's now infamous "kick". :-(

Maui Villanueva

David Webb

Despite the loss, I still think it was a great game. It was too intense for my life! Til the next game :-) LET'S GO ARCHERS!

Andrada (hehehehe sorry :|), Villanueva (!), Mangahas, Webb (!) :-)


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