Seaofshoes Is An Inspiration

I literally just browsed through Jane Aldridge's (http://seaofshoes.typepad.com) WHOLE blog! I visit her blog daily but just to check if she has recent updates. It never really occured to me to read her whole archive! I didn't really do much reading, though. Her pictures are amazing. One of my purposes on browsing her blog was to look for some fashion inspirations for the upcoming CAO Awards. We, LSDC-Jazz, seriously have no idea on what to wear to that event yet. All we know is that we're aiming for the "Best Dressed Group Award"!

I did save A LOT of her pictures, most of which I'll use for future fashion inspiration ;-P here are a few staples that I think would be helpful for LSDC-Jazz for the CAO Awards:

(apparently the theme is "fashion show with a twist" and our TM picked belts/suspenders in the drawing of lots)

I think we're going for belts since they're dressier and easier to find than suspenders. All of the pictures above are of Jane Aldridge. :-) here are a few others I found on Lookbook!

Here's Jane's sister, Carol.

Isn't she so pretty? I love her blazer in the first picture and her dress in the second!

I am so in love with Jane Aldridge's closet, I'd kill to raid it (no, not really)!

I hope these would help us win the best dressed group award! :-D

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