Gawad Mag-aaral 2009

I missed my field trip to ABS-CBN with my IntBrod classmates today but I guess it's fine 'cause I don't think I missed a lot. And I didn't miss it for nothing anyway! I performed with LSDC-Jazz for Gawad Mag-aaral 2009.

Time was so slow today. Call time was at 9 am but we started rehearsing a little bit past 10 already. I slept in the TYA (my usual sleeping spot during concert rehearsals or whatever :-P) for about 2 hours. When I woke up, they said classes were already suspended! But the show must go on. HAHA. So yeah, Gawad still pushed through.

It's really crazy how rehearsals can be so exhilarating (even if you run just once) then during the show itself, the dance seems to have gone in a snap. Adrenaline, maybe? Well, it's a dancer thing. :-) I think our dance went pretty well. I wanna see a video, though. I forgot to give my camera to one of the newbies for them to take a video. :-(

I didn't like our costume for the dance. It exposed our stomachs and I lost my abs already. :-( I SHOULD GET THEM BACK SOON. I love how my body looked during my Animo days. Unfortunately for me, when I left Animo, my pretty toned body left me too. :-( I should work extra harder in Jazz for me to achieve that body again! And maybe do a couple morning exercises (this will be hard considering how lazy I am especially in the morning!). Or I should go back to the gym.

Enough about me ranting about my abs-turned-flabs. :)) here are a few pictures from today!

Here's what I wore!
Secondhand nautical red dress from Ate Rika, Black Velvet blazer, Charles & Keith sandals, wayfarers

The show's about to start!

Me & Reese

Me & ate Cams, after the opening number

Me & Kim

Hello, loves! (I miss my curly hair :-( )

Reese & ate Cams

I love what I did to my eyes!

I still have an LSS on the Gawad Mag-aaral theme this year. It's what we danced to for the opening. It's pretty catchy! Or not. I guess I've just heard it tons of times it won't get out of my head.

Btw earlier, I added another one in my "boyfriend criteria": HE SHOULD SING WELL. I've always wanted a dancer to be my boy, but I guess a singer would be awesome too. I should stretch my horizons. :)) who knows, I might get a boyfriend if I "leave my world", the dancer world, that is. ;-) (but I'm not saying I'm not into dancers anymore! Definitely not. DANCERS WILL ALWAYS BE ON TOP OF MY LIST =)) )

PS. the last paragraph was because I have recently developed a happy crush on one of my old classmates and he's a pretty nifty singer. REALLY. So hot when he sings. =))


Ciao, bellas. ;-)

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