Catching Up and Surprises

Four years worth of catching up!
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OHMYGOD I CAN'T BELIEVE I STILL REMEMBER THOSE (and a lot more things from before...)

So after four years (and I only realized that now), I finally got to see Moreen again. :-) it was a planned date. Interview for one of my majors, actually.

In IntFilm class, we were required to interview someone from the film industry. The interview should be recorded (either audio and picture or video) and should have a 5-8 page feature article to accompany it. It wasn't so hard for me to think of someone to interview as I know a couple of people and so does my mom. I didn't want to interview someone my mom knows because I have a feeling that it would get awkward and I'd be too shy, so I opted for someone I know, preferably my age. My first choice was Moreen Guese! You guys might know her from different tv shows in ABS-CBN and a couple of films such as Esperanza, Forevermore, etc. The interview was supposed to happen last weekend but due to some unforeseen circumstances (haha), it got moved to today.

Before and after the interview, we were just catching up with each other's lives. We haven't seen each other for four freaking years, imagine that! (bg check: we met at Trumpets in 2005. She was one of my closest friends then. Nothing much has changed actually!) 4 years worth of catching up all squeezed into my 3 and a half hour break. I must say it was time well spent, as opposed to what I would usually do during my break time which is to sleep in the rehearsal hall or pig out! ;-)

After that, I went back to school to attend my very last MassCom class. I hope it was a definite goodbye! I swear if I fail that subject, I'd look like this forever --> @-) like my eyes aren't big enough already!

Again, I'm glad to be home earlier than usual. I guess that's the only think I like about hell week!

On an unrelated note, surprise surprise! Sookie Stackhouse is a fairy! @-)

Screencap from True Blood s02ep09 where Sookie touches Maryann and some kind of supernatural thing happened. Explanation: Sookie is a fairy!

I couldn't believe it. Isn't it enough to have vampires, shapeshifters and maenads in the story? Why add another supernatural being? And why Sookie?! I thought she was human all along :-( the ones who read the Sookie Stackhouse books know about that, but apparently I'd rather learn about the twists and turns of Bon Temps through True Blood. I actually found out about the fairy thing through a spoiler. I have this love/hate relationship with spoilers, actually! I don't want to know but I just have to know! I can't wait for episode 11!

P.S. Today I found out that Grimace is a tastebud. All along I thought he was a rotten nugget or something.

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