Team Freecut: Part I

Let's go, Team Freecut!

I'm happy to have been part of this group. I love how we bonded over the magazine! It was great to hear about our experiences during the sharing in class last Friday. It seemed like we were the group who had the most fun while doing something as stressful as this!

We didn't team up for the project because we were friends, but we're friends because we teamed up for this project. :-)

From L-R: Abbie, Ramon, Michelle, Jeune, Erika, AJ, Carla, Maxi, Nix, Mickey, Ron (not in the pic: Francis)
*click photo for full-size high res image!
Aww, fave group picture!
Mickey Banzon
Ron Conise
Jeune San Juan
Maxi Bautista
Ramon Fagar
Michelle Confesor
AJ Galvan
Carla Hutchinson
Abbie Garcia
Nix Maglasang
Yours truly, Erika Tan
*Francis was not present in this shoot, so he does not have any pictures. :-/

Our models for the fashion spread:
From L-R: Wesley, Monique, Patricia, Bea
*clothes of the models sponsored by bYSI (except Patricia's blazer which is mine, accessories are either the models' or my groupmates', shoes are the models' own)

Can't wait for the rest of the pictures, especially the behind-the-scenes shots! I shall post them in part II :-)

Photos: RJ, Mark Canteras

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