The Silver Egg

Happy Easter, everyone! :)

This year's Holy Week has got to be the most boring one for me. :( when I was younger until last year, my family and I would usually go to the beach or check in at a hotel during the Holy Week. This year unfortunately my aunt wasn't able to tag me along (to the beach) so I was stuck at home marathoning whatever there is to marathon. :| today, thank God, I was finally able to step out of the house (after 3 whole days of bumming around in front of the pc!) to attend an Easter event at White Space with the family :D

Easter Egg Hunting with my cousins was pretty fun. Although I did not participate in the Egg Hunt itself, I enjoyed watching the little kids gather as much eggs they could find. My niece Zoie was able to find a special silver egg that won her P1500 worth of gift certificates from Big & Small Co. :) the whole event was one long program filled with games, storytelling and musical numbers. There were lots of cute kids running around the venue, chasing Snow White and the other 'mascots', having their hair done and face painted, etc etc. Buffet lunch at Cibo for only P200 was kinda heavy, I'm still full at the moment and it's 9PM!

Me and my cousin Bea were outfit twins for the day! It was unplanned, I swear. ;p

(Finally) Outfit photos! I look short in the last one :|

Green shirt, navy blue shorts, studded belt, Charles & Keith sandals, Ray ban wayfarers, long necklace, Chanel 2.55 replica, green bangle

Although this year's Holy Week was the worst one I spent so far, at least I still had my fun. Wednesday - Ace Water Spa with Desa and Prana, and today, Easter Egg Hunting with my cousins. :)

I can't believe that I still have school! :( it's actually hell week already this week--I've got final examinations and submissions. I can't wait for everything to end! SUMMER, I NEED YOU NOW.