Believing In Us Feels So Dangerous

Today was such a waste. I waited three hours for nothing (supposedly a video shoot), in full costume and make-up. :| oh well, at least I was able to go swimming this morning. It was my first time to swim in the Olympic-sized pool in school and I'm proud to have done at least one lap across ;p my goal is to at least be able to make 4 laps by the end of the summer, teehee.

Although it's already my favorite time of year, I've been busy this past week (and will still be for the rest of the summer). I had leadership training with my fellow executive board members for four days last week--made me so excited for the next school year! Although the seminar was very productive, it didn't help at all in my goal to achieve my summer body :( but anyway I'm back to training and I'm positive that I will be regaining my summer 2009 body! :)

Moving on... I've been getting myself hooked to some kpop again. This time I'm learning the dances to SNSD/Girls' Generation songs (Run Devil Run, Oh and Gee) :) I'm excited to have a dance session with one of my friends, Iana, who's also into kpop. :)

By the way, if you're wondering why I haven't been taking any photos recently it's because my lens broke about two months ago and I've been borrowing a friend's since then for my photography class. Now that I've returned the lens back to him, I've nothing to use, hence no pictures. :( I hope I get a new lens for my birthday (which is in less than a month!!) though :D

So many stuff planned for the following weeks, I hope I could still update my blog! :) sucks that I'm uninspired to blog because I don't have photos to go with my posts :( anyway I'm hitting the beach in a week or so, can't wait to tell you guys all about it!

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