Inspiration 1126

1. seaofshoes
2.-5. willabelle
6. lovely photo set of Rachel Bilson
7.-9. fashiontoast, my all-time favorite :) wish I could be just like her!

I noticed that I've hardly been dressing up anymore, and that I usually do only when I'm feeling down or when there's a special occasion. Bumming out here in Boracay made me go through all the fashion blogs I used to follow and it made me miss dressing up! Might as well get back to it when I get back to Manila. ;)

PS. LYO concert ongoing right now. Makes me sad that I'm not in Manila for it. :(

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Anonymous said...

I also love Rachel Bilson. I think she's pretty :)

Fashion Toast is a really nice fashion blog. Ang cute nung pictures niya. Hahaha