I've Been Bad

I have been a very bad blogger because my laptop and camera have been slowly giving up on me and that I have not had decent internet in my condo. On the bright side, I got a new laptop now and I have speedy internet here on the beach! Taking a short vacation this week with my family just because... and it's my first time here in Boracay! I must say that it definitely is such a beautiful place to be in :) I'd definitely go back here with friends!

It's only been a day and I've spent so much already T_T

And since it's only been a day, I still don't have any photos from here to share except the ones I took with my webcam... so let me blog about this trip when I get back to Manila. For now, let me share to you (almost) significant photos from the previous month. It's been a crazy November!

(camwhoring with JM and Kim, LYO Christmas gig, a night in Il Ponticello, Threshold)

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