Browsing Forever21.com

While browsing Forever21.com, I found a lot of stuff that I would want to purchase myself but have a 0-5% chance in doing so even though they're affordable (shipping fee will make it not affordable :|). Here are some of them.





On the lighter note... Maybe I could have a dressmaker (my mom knows a lot) make clothes like those for me? And maybe I could find cardigans just like those somewhere else here? Oh and the shoes. :-j my mom knows a shoemaker and I could let her make me some awesome shoes. Maybe we could even copy Balenciaga or Louboutin! Who would know, right? :-)

Oh and I have yet to go to the other house to get my new cardigans and tops from Topshop and Zara! Weeee thank you tita Bambi. :-D

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