Power Hour

Power Hour was awesome! Not really fantastic, but it was awesome. :-) thank you Desa B for putting me on the list! I finally had my first college party (considering I'm a sophomore. :|)

So I got to Desa's house at around 7 to start preparing for the party. We got to the venue at around 9 and there weren't much people yet. People started arriving at around 11-ish. Seems like the A(H1N1) virus didn't stop the Lasallians from going out! I saw tons and tons of Lasallians in the party. Oh and I'm a Lasallian myself, too! :-p

I met a lot of people but I can only remember about half of them. Come on, it was a party. ;-) it's crazy though that this guy I've been crushing on for quite some time talked to me and introduced himself to me! It isn't really an intense crushing kinda thing, though. It's more of a party eye-candy... cause I normally see him in parties (mostly of friends since we have tons of common friends xD). I hope he remembers me, though, so that we'd get to talk some more in the next party or when we see each other around Taft (he's from CSB!) :-)

The party ended an hour before it was supposed to... bummer. :| I ended up sleeping over at Desa's cause it was dangerous to take a cab home that late and I left most of my stuff at her house anyway.

Oh and note to self: never wear heels again to parties like that. MY FEET HURT LIKE CRAZY! I should've stuck to my sandals or flats. No more 4-inch heels to parties for me. No more. :-p besides, it made it difficult for me to dance!

Bai Capture. With Desa and her friends. :-)

Diane, Trish and me.

Kat, Desa and me.

With Tricia and Elisha!

Arty, Vergs, Desa and me. :-)

With Arty, Vergs, Trish and her friends.

The rest of the pictures are posted on my Facebook and Multiply accounts :-)

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