Just Like A Star :-)

Yesterday we, the LSDC-Jazz, were invited to dance for the Step by Steph Dance Recital. We performed a piece from our concert last March -- Like A Star (by Corinne Bailey Rae). :-)

Call time was at 11 am. Ate Cams, Reese, sir Peter and I met up at Shang while the others went straight to Tanghalang Pasigueno. It was at Shang when I realized that I left my memory card in the bag I used for school the other day so yeah, I wasn't able to take pictures using my camera. I was excited to take pictures pa naman since I haven't uploaded anything on Multiply for so long. :-( ANYWAY.

When we got to the venue, we started reblocking and adjusting whatever there is to be adjusted in the dance. We got thirsty after so we went to 7-11. It started to rain really hard when we got there so we were forced to take a trike back to the theater.

The show started at around 8 pm and we got to the theater at around noon.... 8 hours of doing nothing actually. Just had a couple runs on stage, made ourselves up, and took lots of pictures.

The dance went well though there was a part when ate Cams and I bumped into each other and I felt like my dress was falling down the whole time. When we watched the video though, the bump was very discreet (hooray for us. We didn't feel disappointed anymore :-D) and it wasn't obvious that I was trying to pull up my dress like a third of the time.

Sir Peter, ate Cams, ate Pre, Brent, Job (Brent and Job are from LSDC-Street, not Jazz. They were just there to help and watch. [just to avoid confusion :P]) and I had our late dinner at Nato's after the show. The others had to go home right after so it was just us. We first went to Shang cause we were supposed to eat at Krocodile Grill but when we got there, the place was full. We took a cab (and felt like we were in a can of sardines. HAHA. Job!) to Nato's instead (which was only walking distance from my house, yey!) and had our late late late dinner there. Got home a few minutes before I started writing this entry. :-)

I just wanted to share to the world how my day went. :-) and for archiving purposes! =))

Oh and I learned a thing or two about photography today from Brent and sir Peter. I think I want to get myself a lomo. :-)

Since I failed to bring my camera's memory card with me earlier, I took pictures using my phone instead.

Reese and I. Kim, I really want your dress (the one I'm wearing in the pic) :-D

I looked kinda Chinese today. That's a first! It's crazy cause I'm Chinese. :-D

Didn't know my phone's camera has special effects. =))

What I wore to and from the recital. :-D

Just like a star across the sky,
just like an angel off the page.
You have appeared to my life
feel like I'll never be the same.

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