"The dress code looks better on you"

Approximately 3 weeks ago, I started going gaga over fashion. I've never really been the type of person to research about fashion things and really proclaim myself to be a fashionista. Shopping was never really my hobby, either. But I think I've always had a good fashion sense. It's only recently that I've discovered my interest in the fashion world. Because of the stupid dress code my school started to implement, I tried to "research" on how to mix and match the stuff that I have. And voila! I instantly became addicted to fashion and its world.

I remember my grandparents telling me on the second day of school: "You know what, the dress code seems to look better on you". Maybe it's cause I started to really dress up and not just put on something I grab from my closet cause I lack time to actually think about what to wear? :-)

I started to shop for some sunnies and I became addicted to them. When I start cyberstalking (haha) my fave celebrities and models, I make sure that I save pictures of them wearing sunglasses. I personally think it's really weird, but here are some of my favorites (I love the outfits too, btw):

Taylor Momsen

Selena Gomez

Lindsay Lohan

Jessica Stroup

Demi Lovato

Willa Holland

Vanessa Hudgens

I need my own pair of Ray-Bans. When I get my own pair, maybe I'd stop obsessing over these pictures.

Now I think I'm going gaga over shoes. I was never a shoe-fetish girl. You can actually count with your fingers how many pairs of shoes I have! I'm the type who'd actually prefer to wear flip-flops any time. :-D but now I've realized how much I am in need of new pairs of shoes. The shoes I have are bound to wear out soon since they're the only ones I get to wear to school (flip-flops not allowed anymore--feel my agony). If I keep on repeating them, they'd get worn out pretty fast. So yes, I am in dire need of new pairs of shoes for different occasions.

I need to go shopping for new clothes, too. I'm happy I got new cardigans. I haven't seen them, though. My tita got them for me as a birthday present and they're still with her in the other house. I'm gonna get them maybe on the weekend! She still owes me plain white shirts. ;-)

This blog entry does not sound like me at all. :| but yes it's me. The newly discovered fashion-crazy side of me. :-)

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