10 Days Of Summer

School's out for 10 days due to a confirmed case of swine flu in DLSU. Today, I read somewhere, another case has been confirmed making it two cases.

When I first heard of the disease, I was indifferent (as usual). I didn't care because I thought that it would never be near me, that I would never really have the chance to be infected. But I was wrong. Now I'm really scared. Two cases in my school -- that's terrible.

Anyway. Now I'm gonna have the summer I never had. Just 10 days of it. Summer, yes, but it's been raining like crazy.

Call time for a gig tomorrow's at 11 am at Shang. We're supposed to meet up at 2pm but since we need to reblock some parts, call time got moved earlier.

There are only two things planned for my 10-day summer so far: gig tomorrow (Steps dance recital -- we're guesting), party on Saturday night. Yes, I finally get to party again. :-)

Oh and yes, I'm back to Blogger again. It's been a long time. Check out my old one: portraitofanempress.blogspot.com :-)

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