Thanks To My Oxfords

Thanks to my oxfords, I was able to write a pretty decent feature article for IntPrin earlier. We were asked to write about our footwear. It was really random and at the same time difficult. Come on, who would write a full page article on the shoes you're wearing?

Fortunately for me, I had a story. I didn't write about my oxfords, but all thanks to them, I was able to write my story. And I'm gonna share my story to you!

Brown dress, vintage saddle shoes, belt from China, wayfarers

This is what I wore today (except for the shoes). It took me about 3 changes to finally decide on this one. I was choosing my outfit carefully for the shoes! Unfortunately, when I was about to step out of the house, the sole of the left shoe got off! Bummer, really. But thank God I was still at home. I was still able to change shoes. I didn't wanna wear sandals because of the possibility of rain earlier. I didn't wanna wear flats either, for some reason. I suddenly remembered my granma giving me her old classic beige Keds! I opted to wear that one instead.

And there goes my article. I used that story as the introduction (anecdotal) and talked about Keds being a classic and timeless piece.


Tonight's a free night for me. I've done all my homework during the weekend so I did nothing tonight. So this is the life of the non-procrastinator. I should start getting used to this. :))

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