Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was asdfghjkl; AWESOME! I love it. I really do! It was kinda slow paced, but if you read the book, you'd think it was just right. A lot of parts were missing as expected, so there would have been "malabo" parts if you didn't read. But then again, if you read it, you'd understand :-)

I love how serious the movie is and how they were able to insert comedy in it. There was lots of comedy! The movie was really heavy, tho. I couldn't bare reading the death of Dumbledore, what more watching it! It was so painful. :-( and for the first time, I love how they ended the movie... even if it wasn't exactly how it ended in the book. :-)

Good job to you again, David Yates!

& Tom Felton ♥♥♥ you were amazing!!!

I'm watching again tomorrow morning. YEY!

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