Everyone Digs The Vintage Skirt

Long morning today, eh? Well that's how I felt. I set my alarm clock to 9 am and woke up at 9:45. I was able to do a lot of stuff before finally leaving for school at noon. It's weird cause normally, time would go by so fast and I wouldn't even feel the morning at all.

I got to school 10 minutes early. Class was okay. I noticed that I recite a lot in IntPrin... I think that's a good sign. :-) for IntBrod, however, well let's just say I was spacing out. But we had an activity earlier where we had to pretend to be standuppers. Our professor made us memorize a 3-sentence script and she had photo booth on and it was projected in front for the whole class to see. Everyone had their attempt and it was graded. Miss said I had pretty teeth! (why thank you Miss Mamawal. Unfortunately I refuse to wear my retainers now so my teeth wouldn't stay this pretty for long) :-P a lot of people complimented me on my outfit today! Haven't heard those in a long time. Here's what I wore:

Topshop white shirt, vintage printed skirt, belt from tiangge, Parisian flats

Everyone loved my skirt! It's vintage. :-D my granma kept it a long time ago and showed it to me recently, asking if it was my type. I hesitated at first but then I thought that I could keep it and just play around with it. And there ya go... my take on the vintage skirt. :-P thanks lola!

After school, mom and I went to Megamall. She went there to go bowling with tito Beej and me, for CaliforniaBerry! I've been craving for two weeks. I lounged there for about an hour, enjoying my froyo while reading HP6. Movie's coming out in a week!!!! :-D I've reserved my tickets for the 7:20 showing on thursday at G4.

Before leaving the mall, I got to browse through the stuff in Mango. They're still on sale! Too bad I wasn't prepared now. I saw a lot of stuff that I liked, like the skirt which cost 399php only! And a couple cardigans which were about 700php. Oh and of course I had my eyes on the sunnies. I saw the mirrored wayfarer type and it was only for 369php! GAH I WANTED TO GO AND GET IT ALREADY! But I wasn't prepared to spend for anything but CaliforniaBerry today. And I'm saving up to get myself a bottle of Gap Dream. :-( oh well, maybe next time. Hopefully it would still be there and it wouldn't cost more!

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