Last Hurrah For The Holidays (II)

Here's part two, just as I promised! :) more photos yay ♥

My photobucket isn't cooperating well, so I couldn't upload the rest of the photos :( all photos by Cheska Alejandro!

I've only been in school for a week and it's getting kinda hectic already! I was also forced to file a leave of absence from my organization (La Salle Dance Company - Contemporary) due to my hectic academic schedule :( I'll only be taking a leave from performing though, I'd still be doing my work as an officer. :)

I usually really dress up in school when I feel stressed, and so far I have been dressing up but I have no one to take my outfit photos. :( so far I only have one which I'll be saving for my next post I guess. The rest I guess I'd have to do away with mirror photos. :( (I especially love what my outfit for today is! Will try to post it next time as well)

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