Meet Mr. Topman and Ms. Forever 21 x Shopping Buddies for Life!

Let me introduce you guys to Mathew Chang, my favorite shopping buddy for life! :)

Topman plaid jeans, Topman baseball jacket, Topman (?) polo, Topman bowtie, Topman ring, Milano shoes -- hello mister Topman!
Photos and post-processing by: me
Styling by: Mathew (and a lil of me hihi)

He is one of the few fashionista guy friends I have. I swear I think he can put up a Topman and Zara store on his own with his own closet! ;p I love how we would usually bump into each other on our "porma days" in school--and this term, we both promised that everyday would be "porma day" yay us ♥ so Lasallians, if by any chance you spot a tall girl who's even taller in heels and probably in a high-waisted skirt and a guy who's in (almost) head to toe Topman along Agno or Starbucks, that most probably would be me and Mathew ;p

Another reason I love love love Mathew is that it's not only because of fashion that we get along, but it's also mostly because we share the same taste in music! Mathew, by the way, is a singer and a violinist as well. He is currently a member of the Pops Orchestra/Lasallian Youth Orchestra (the group in which I was adopted into last Christmas ♥) :)

PLUS WE WEAR THE SAME SIZE! HAHAHAHA I am so glad I can borrow some of his stuff if I wanna achieve boyish or androgynous looks. Like for example, I can totally borrow the baseball jacket he's wearing in the photos above! :)

You'll probably be seeing more of him on my blog from now on!

Now moving on to... me. I haven't been able to take outfit photos recently because there was no one to take them or I was too busy to have them taken. Here are two outfits, though. The first one's what I wore to the first day of school styled by yours truly and my roommate, Grai. After styling she told me that she would take my photos before I stepped out so here are the results:

Forever 21 black top, Forever 21 tulip skirt, Forever 21 tawny wedges, thrifted cropped military jacket (owned by Grai), Swatch watch, So Fab ring
Photos by: Grai Alvar
Post-processing by: me
Styling by: Grai and me

It pays to have a fashion photographer as a roommate! ;p

This next one's what I wore some time this week--probably one of my favorite looks! Too bad my roommate wasn't around (she was in Boracay!) so I guess we'd have to do with these mirror photos I took :(

Unbranded black top, Forever 21 skirt, Parisian wedges, People are People fedora (owned by Mathew)
Photos, post-processing and styling by: me

My Canon 30D's still sick so for the mean time I'm borrowing my aunt's Nikon D90 which I use mostly for school videos :D

I've been meaning to try something new for quite some time now, I'll let you guys know about it as soon as I get myself into it! So for now, let's just sit back and relax, haha. I'm crossing my fingers, though -- to a better and richer future (aka more shopping escapades)! :p


in Aie's shoes said...

I love the blazer and that gold watch! great look! =)

Rachel said...

super cute outfits! love that pink skirt and i need a gold watch like that!

iamjillyace said...

Hi Matt! haha! The world is really small and round :P