Happy Birthday Sir Peter!

Wednesday night: we (LSDC) surprised Sir Peter for his birthday! Thinking that we made his birthday last year a rather awful one (sorry sir!), we decided to make this year special! It wasn't a huge celebration. We just presented a 10-minute avp and ordered some food from Yellow Cab and Amber. We continued with our Remix post-prod after (work work work!), but we're glad that our surprise made his day. :-) team surprise, we're awesome like that B-)

Mirror image! Issay, what a genius thing! [coz the wall across is covered in mirrors (it's a dance studio)] :-)
Sir Peter in his "yema chair"!
Team Marketing :-)
Team Prod! :-D [whoops, sorry about the tummy slip!]
Yey happy birthday sir Peter!

Friday night: sir Peter's party at Nato's! I was supposed to attend a Halloween party with my high school friends but I didn't have a costume and I didn't know how to go to the venue, so I went to sir Peter's instead since it was only a walking distance from my house :-) I had so much fun with LSDC, Animo Squad and Powerdance!

LSDC girls :-D
Sir Peter performing as usual :-)
Red Horse! We had 3 beer towers. Haven't had that much beer in my life, ever! Well that's just cause I don't really like beer. I prefer hard liquor. Unfortunately, the mixed drinks were too strong that night so I settled for beer. :-P
Steffi, Gio, ate Meg, ate Justine, kuya Josh, Eli and ate Pre :-) woot LSDC + Animo Squad (+ Gio haha)!

PS. I just realized that I wore red stripes on both events :-P

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