Two In One

2 debuts in 1 night (10.10.09)! Good times, good times. :-) I finally got to take Jacob (my camera) out!

1. Chat's debut
Held at Ayala Hillside Estates Social Club

Photobooth pictures ♥
La Salle friends!
I love this picture. :-)
18 talents: Zehry and Ange playing the violin for Chat
18 talents: me dancing for Chat :-)
18 talents: Coach Nino choreographing!
Nikki and Gaile wore similar "easy access" dresses!
Happy birthday, love!

2. Genie's debut
Held at 55 Events Place
I arrived extremely late! Past midnight, actually. Went there straight from Chat's :-) I'm glad that people were still there--mostly my high school friends! Ended up hanging out with them til 3 am at Mcdo.

Sheena and Bea
Lucy, I missed you so much!
Whaddup, Justin!
Hotties Tin and Tricia ;-)
Happy birthday, Genie!
Mmm... couple alert? LOL. Jan and Jake
Hanging out at Mcdo. Tin, Genie, Tricia
Me and Mikko

Fun times with blockmates and high school friends. :-) there was something missing though, but the night was still fun. :-)

More photos on my Multiply! I can't seem to upload on Facebook. :-(


☆ Desa said...

You went pa pala to Genie's debut! Too bad I missed it. Oh well :|

♥ Erika Tan said...

Yeah but I didn't catch much :-P