GG has changed Taylor Momsen!

Just gonna show the transformation of Taylor Momsen (yeah, not just her character Jenny Humphrey!) from being cute to fashion forward in three GG seasons. I've been wanting to do this for a loooooong time already!

GG season 1
So cute and charming :-) loved her then.

GG season 2
VERY GRUNGY! And rebellious. Whatever happened to little J?

GG season 3
So much better! I love her again =)) Racoon make-up gone, punk rock vibe lessened. She looks clean! Jenny has definitely become the Queen Bee. I LOVE HER OUTFITS! Can't wait for season 3. :-)


Caroline Robianto said...

this is a really great post too :D thanks for dropping by on my blog ;)

♥ Erika said...

Thanks and no problem! I love reading your blog. :-) I'm a follower! Haha :-P