Shopping Makes Me A Happy Bee!

Today I had a planned trip with my mom to Ukay-ukay. Then, my ninong and ninang said they'd pick us up for lunch out and asked us where we wanted to go. My mom suggested Serendra, so Serendra we went!

Okay so first off, mom and I went to an Ukay near our house. By the time my ninong and ninang picked us up, mom and I had a pair of boots, 2 blazers and 3 tops in our hands already. We weren't done looking yet! We should go back to that Ukay soon. Tons and tons of awesome stuff. We weren't even able to browse the new arrivals!

The pair of boots I got for a reaaaally low price. AS IN REALLY. Gotta love Ukay. :-)
No pictures of the jacket, blazer and tops. Next time when I wear them! :-D

Before going to Serendra, we went to Fully Booked High Street first. They got lotsa books and I just went through the pretty Jordi notebooks. I've been eyeing on them for years but I still haven't got one for myself. :-( so many new designs now!

New pretty designs, don't you think? I want the A Touch of Evil one!

This was just so funny.

Jordi Labanda bags!!!!

We finally went to Serendra and decided to have lunch at a Hawaiian restaurant, Polu Kai. Really yummy food! Huge servings. I wasn't even able to finish my food! But it's really good. Really, really good. :-)

Happitizer. SO HEAVY.

Big Ohana Plate.

I wasn't content with the stuff I got from Ukay so I went to check out Charles & Keith for some more shoes. Flat sandals! I've always wanted to get myself a pair and finally got myself not only one, but two! Thank you so much ninong Jun :-DDD

I've been eyeing on a pair like this for a looooong time.

Really pretty back detail, don't you think?

We had Krispy Kreme for coffee and doughnuts afterwards.

Iced Karamel Latte and Blueberry Cheesecake

Then off to Topshop I went. BUY ONE TAKE ONE ON SALE ITEMS!!!! It was heaven right then and there. And that promo ends today! So lucky for me to catch it. :-)

I was choosing between the four dresses and ended up buying the last two. :-) more school clothes YEY!!!

So there... that's how today went for me. I am now a happy bee :-bz

Btw, this is what I wore today:

Baby doll dress, bracelets

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