2009 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

Congratulations, FEU Cheering Squad, ADMU Blue Babble Battalion and UP Pep Squad!

Good job, Animo Squad! We're all proud of you. :-)


September 13, 2009. Met up with Reese, Brent, AJ, Nina and Kat for lunch. Had Taco Bell before the event. :-)

We went inside the dome a bit early to get good seats. :-) 2nd row of upper A! Thanks, Bfav. :-) La Salle was the 4th to perform and was sandwiched in between UST and UP -- how thrilling. I was scared and at the same time excited for the squad! What more if I didn't quit, eh? Adrenaline rush! But really, while I was watching them, I couldn't help but wonder: what if I didn't leave the squad? What if I made it to the compet team? Hmmm... parallel universe! I love the idea of a parallel universe. Though I quit the squad, I know that in a parallel universe, I still am part of it and I competed and won the gold! :-D

All squads did an amazing routine. My personal favorites were FEU, UST and of course, DLSU. :-) I enjoyed ADMU's routine as well (moonwalk! Superb move, I say). Congratulations, Thea & Kimbutt. :-)

It honestly surprised me that ADMU made it to the top 2 although couldn't deny the fact that their routine was clean and really good. If I were to judge though, my ranking would be 1. FEU 2. UST 3. UP. But then again, that's just my opinion.

Congratulations again to all the schools who competed! Everyone did a good job and I sure did enjoy the show. :-)

We (Reese, Brent, AJ and me) had Cibo after, thanks to the awesome possum Arvin Jasper Galvan. ;-) PEPPER LUNCH SOON!

Spinaci Zoli, my favorite appetizer! :-)

I apologize for this messy, unorganized post. I would have written a better one if I didn't have school tomorrow and I had more pictures (of different schools) to accompany the text. Unfortunately, if I prolong this post, I'd get lazier and lazier by the minute and might not end up writing about it at all. :-P

So I shall end with my outfit for the event!

Hued Manila green top, Herbench skinny jeans, wedges from tiangge, Black Velvet blazer, Chanel replica classic flap bag, wayfarers, bangles

Photos: greenarcher.ph, Brent Chua, Desa Baking


☆ Desa said...

I miss Cibo! :( Aw aw. Last time I ate there was... LAST YEAR PA. Dang.
Oh oh, I finally got to eat in Mister Kabab! Our Greenlight head treated us to dinner eh. I had their special chicken chelo kabab (I think that's what they call it) and it was good! What I didn't like is that it made my breath smell like an Arabo. HAHA! :p

♥ Erika said...

Last time I had Cibo before this was not even a year ago! More like... years ago! HAHA. Mister Kabab! I love their Keema. :-D