My New Baby & Saving Lives

My mom and I will love you forever and ever, Jacob. Well, unless we upgrade. But we will forever remember you as our first. I hope you will enjoy your stay with us. :-)

HIHI :”>

PS. it's a Canon EOS 30D.

PPS. yes it’s Jacob because of Jacob Black. We were going for Taylor but our camera’s a guy (I just wanted it to be a guy) and people might say Taylor Swift or Momsen or whatever. We wanted Chuck as well, but I settled for Jacob. :))

PPPS. we really wanted the camera’s name to be named after me & my mom’s common crush. Channing was an option as well! & Justin (Timberlake). Hihi.

On another note, I am extremely happy that I was able to help save lives awhile ago. As all of you most probably know, the Philippines was hit by a tragedy just very recently. Almost the whole Metro Manila was submerged under water, some lost their houses and even their lives. It was a very awful weekend for us Filipinos, but it's great to know that in times like this, we all help one another to bring ourselves back up.

This afternoon, I went to Cainta along with a few members and alumni of LSDC-Jazz to help one of our members (Precious Valenzuela) whose family was greatly affected by the flood. Ate Pre and her family are currently evacuated to a Sogo hotel in Sta. Lucia (I know, Sogo. Funny but not this time. I must admit I did chuckle a bit at the thought). Never have I been this happy to clean out my closet and donate some of my clothes (some of which I still would like to wear). Never have I walked a long distance covered in mud and slipping at almost every block and have so much fun (what an adventure that was!). Never have I imagined myself to enter a place like Sogo! :)))))))))))

It feels so great to have made someone else happy. Mission for today: accomplished. :-) we love you, ate Pre. :-)

People of the world! We are still cleaning up the mess Ondoy has created. A lot of families don't have a home anymore, neither do they have anything else but themselves. If you're in the US, call the American Red Cross or something. If you're somewhere else, well I don't know what you can do, but I'm sure this tragedy has been all over the news and I hope your country's taking action. We need all the help we can get and we would appreciate it a lot if you do so. :-)

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