Remix 09 Semi-finals

Originally, the Remix 09 semi-finals was supposed to be the elimination round, where only 10 out of 15 groups would be chosen to move on to the final round. Unfortunately, 5 groups backed-out last minute which already left 10 groups vying for the championship title. Instead of having the eliminations on September 17, 2009, we have decided that the eliminations would be a semi-final round instead where their SF score would be 20% of their final score.

So, the semi-finals. September 16 and 17, 2009 were busy days for us members of LSDC. We had to set-up the stage, do some tech runs, etc. the night before the production itself.

During the day itself, I had to cut all my classes to run some errands for LSDC and help with the production. It really is stressful to be part of the production committee, but it feels so good in the end knowing that all your hard work has paid off. :-)

The show started at around 6:30pm. We were expecting a full house and that's what we got! I guess that was one of the major contributions to the success of the show: the great audience. :-)

I was assigned to the tech booth the whole show. I didn't know how to manage the controls at first and I was scared I might make a mistake and ruin the show. Fortunately for me, I didn't have a hard time in managing the sounds. Unfortunately though, there were some technical glitches due to a power failure. The sound board shut down in the middle of the show. :-( thank God we got kuya Dal (from HTG) as our host and he was able to run the show for about 20 minutes while we were attending to the sound board.

Remix dance battle turned into a beatbox thing for a few minutes ;-)

The show resumed 20-25 minutes after the glitch. We were worried that we'd have to suspend the show! Thank God we were able to fix it! Another worry we had was the time consumed. We thought we would go overtime but despite the failure and the long show, we even ended before schedule! :-)

After the 10 groups performed (2 of which did their routine twice because of the power failure), a dance battle was conducted to give the judges time to compute for the groups' scores.

Congratulations for winning the battle, Gio Gahol!

After the battle, representatives from each group were asked to go onstage to claim their certificates and the top three groups were announced. As this was not an elimination round, all 10 groups would still be competing against each other in the final round on October 8, 2009.

1st: ComONE Ground
2nd: New Breed
3rd: Z-Ave

The other crews:
Why So Serious
Team Elite
Skittlez Crew
(I don't have pictures of Hipnotics, Terpsychorean, Backstage and Project Mayhem)

Since the show ended early, we (LSDC) still had time to goof around before tearing down the set. :-)

Burst shots! :-D I'm somewhere in the back. You'd see my head popping out somewhere in some of the pictures. HAHA!

Congratulations to us, LSDC! And to all the groups as well. :-)

See you all in the finals on October 22!

Photos: Brent Chua & Enzo Cruz


☆ Desa said...

i'd never man the control booth alone ever. its too scary! haha

♥ Erika said...

I wasn't alone! I was with people from the IMS pa nga. And mga 4 kaming LSDC dun. Pero grabe lang kasi. Bumigay yung extension cord where the sound board was connected :| fail na fail. Ok naman nung tech run.