September = My Bag-crazy Month

While patiently waiting for my Chanel flap bags to arrive (they will be shipped to me on Friday! I'm so stoked), I browsed through The Purse Page. They've got good stuff there (designer bags galore!), and it made me realize that bags are great investments. White shirts are, too, but I've known that for quite some time now haven't I!

September just started and I've spent more than enough already. Splurged, actually! And I'm planning to get another bag next week: a large Miu Miu tote.

It's perfect for school! I've used up this week's allowance and part of my savings from last term already so I can't purchase the Miu Miu bag right away. :-( I'll give myself a week or two to save up. Miu Miu, you will soon be mine ;-)

Just a few months ago, I was going gaga over sunglasses. July was my cardigan-and-blazer-crazy month. Last month, I was shoe fetish. This September, I'm on to bags. Hmmmm, what could be next?

I've always loved bags, though (it just so happens that it's my "focus purchase" for the month). My mom does, too! I have tons more in the other house. Every time I go visit my grandparents there, I go back home with "loot" aka my old stuff which I left behind (mostly bags) :-P

On a sort-of (because I'll be reverting to the previous topic--bags) unrelated note...
I spent the last few hours fixing my dresser and bag closet! I wasn't able to take "before" pictures. :-( but here's how my dresser looks right now:
My dresser's now bombarded with my baby pictures, grad pictures and cute little yellow records I found in the other house last month :-)
Some manual labor I did earlier... I attached this rack thingy (however you call it) to the wall! Then hung up my necklaces, landyards, medal, headbands, etc.
Still looks kinda messy because of the scattered pictures under the glass, but it's much more organized now! I finally segregated my jewelry, all my nail enamels are on one side... basically nothing's just thrown into the dresser like it's a dumpster. It finally looks like a dresser again! And no, I didn't just dump everything inside the drawer. My make-up are in the drawer. So are some boxes and pouches.

And here's my "bag closet":
Large bags on the upper shelf, smaller handbags and clutches on the lower one. My huge bags (travel bags, sports bags, etc) are on the lowest shelf... which I didn't take a picture of anymore :-P I think I'll be needing a bigger closet soon (with my future purchases and the rest I haven't brought home from the other house yet)!

I got a couple replicas and free bags from perfumes (haha I got a lot of those) but while fixing my bags, I realized that I actually do own a designer bag! Check out the purple bag in the far right side of the photo above. It's from The Sak! ;-) got it a few years ago when my granma brought it home from the US. Haven't used it for some time, might as well take it out for some fresh air tomorrow!

Well that's it. 09-09-09 has officially ended. I'm going out with my friends this afternoon to play Lasertag! I'm excited. :-)

I'll end this post with a really cute lyric from Gabe Bondoc's If Only:
"And all the megapixels in this world couldn't capture what you mean to me, girl"
^ it's what I'm currently listening to. It's so sweet, don't you think? I love Gabe Bondoc!

Good night, bellas!

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