Can Anybody Find Me Somebody To Love?

Topshop printed top, vintage high-waisted textured pants, custom-made boots

Current LSS: Somebody To Love by the cast of Glee. Their rendition was amazing! They did it in last week's episode. If you haven't seen it, better go see it now. Kristin Chenoweth was amazing as usual. ♥ If you haven't started on Glee, you better do so now! If you love Broadway and musicals, I'm sure you'd love Glee. :-)

Anyway, I got ready early this morning to study for a quiz that got postponed. Being dressed early to leave the usual time I do so everyday, my mom and I had a mini-photoshoot instead. She's a better photographer than I am! She learns a lot from watching America's Next Top Model. :-P I have yet to learn photography, basically right now I just tweak the settings and look for good angles. I shall master the art through the years. ;-)

I look a lot like my mom in this picture.

These were taken in my grandparents' room. I love the lighting! Au naturel. ;-) sucks how dark it is in my room (check: most of my outfit photos)! I hate how there's a house beside my bedroom window, but I love my room anyway coz it's really roomy. :-)

Oh and I got my D&G bag already! It wasn't as big as I expected it to be. It's actually small! I can only use it for a notebook and a few essentials. The Miu Miu bag wasn't how I expected it to be either. I thought it was a large tote that I could put some clothes in as well but I was wrong. :-( well I'm happy I got them already and that I could still use them even in ways I didn't really plan them to be used. Still, money well spent. :-) now I have to start saving up for Bohol (going in November)!


☆ Desa said...

I was like "OMG, Erix looks so much like Tita Penny in this shot." and yun nga yung caption mo on that photo! :))

☆ Desa said...

Soon you're gonna take pictures of your mom na rin. That's so Jane Aldridge. woohoo!

♥ Erika Tan said...

Soon yes! Hah, pixierixie turning into seaofshoes! How I wish! I love Jane Aldridge grabe she's so amazing. I'M SO JEALOUS OF HER :-(

Elisha said...

http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac7/pixierixie/8105e9a6.jpg - LIKE!!! :-)

♥ Erika Tan said...

Me too! It's my fave among all the shots. :-) haha thanks Elisha!