First Photodump

Last Tuesday, I was able to go out and take random shots using the SLR. Here is my first photodump, which will actually show what I did that day. :-)

I had lunch with my mom at Grilled Tomato, Tomas Morato. It's the 4th time I've eaten there for the whole week! Not good for my heart. :-( but I can't help it, it's cheap and really yummy!

roti and curry
Roti and curry sauce for appetizer! (I like pita better than roti)
Beef keema meal. It's what I always have whether I go to Grilled Tomato or Mister Kabab.
korma and tikka
Mom's meal. Korma and tikka! I didn't try it, but it looks good.

As usual, I had CaliforniaBerry for dessert. I've been craving for fro-yo since the weekend! I was supposed to have one last Friday. Fro-yo fail. :-( they were closing just as I was approaching the stall (Red Mango in Trinoma). I planned to get one the day after, but that was when the storm came in! My craving has finally been satisfied last Tuesday.

Mom ordering my fro-yo!
Original fro-yo topped with Oreos, Grahams and mangoes. They didn't have blueberries. :-(
Mom had Kopiroti.

We went to the dentist after. I was scared my dentist would get mad at me for not wearing my retainers anymore! Well she didn't and said she'd adjust them for me. I haven't visited my dentist since she removed my braces, and I've been having toothaches recently, so I had to have a check-up. Turns out I have three cavities. :-( anyway they're pasta-ed (?) now and I don't get toothaches anymore. I just have to go back to my dentist to bring my retainers back for her to adjust.

One of my aunts' parents were greatly affected by the floods and are evacuated to their old house nearby now, so we visited them and gave them relief goods after. Floods didn't reach where I live because we're on a higher ground, but the place across us had neck-deep flood water. Even on Tuesday, parts of the place were still flooded and garbage was everywhere. :-(

documents aftermath
People were drying important documents on the streets
My favorite Ukay-Ukay! They've got awesome stuff. :-) hopefully the place isn't empty now, though. They were affected by the flood. :-(

That night, while I was taking the pictures of my clothes (the ones on the Vintage Finds Me post), the electricity suddenly went off. For some weird reason, it happened that night and not during the storm like everyone else. Because of that, we had dinner by candlelight (oil lamp, actually :-P).

candlelight dinner
Kare-kare and mashed potatoes for dinner! Weird combination, but it was good. :-) (I still had rice though. I've been eating non-stop this break GAAAHHHHH)
When the electricity went off, I was in my room. I used the flash for well, light. It was extremely dark in the second floor, good thing I had the camera with me! Flash = alternative flashlight. Haha!

So yeah, that's it. That's how my Tuesday went. It's the most eventful day this week-off so far. I'm excited to do some photoshoots! Friends, help me practice! Please be my models. :-P IM me!

PS. I've decided to use Photobucket now for my pictures, not just upload them to Blogger. The resolution and other stuff's better on Photobucket, don't you think so?


Elisha said...

erika nagutom ako grabe hahaha!

♥ Erika Tan said...

Haha sorry! Go eat :-P I've been eating non-stop this break. GAAAH I hate it when they suspend classes for a week!