Splurging On Bags Again

Well, not really. But since this week's allowance hasn't been used due to the suspension of classes, and there are bags that are waiting to be bought by me, I've decided to use this week's allowance to finally purchase these name-screaming bags (they've been calling me for about a month now HAHA).

Dolce & Gabbana
Miu Miu

Again, they're replicas of course. I'll save the original ones for when I earn my own money already. ;-)

The soonest I'll be getting my hands on these babies would be on Monday or when school's back, whichever comes first. I'm so excited!

I promise to start saving up for Bohol already after this splurge. I will try my very best not to purchase anything for my own luxury this October :-) help me, guys! Help me stop... even for just a month. :))

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