At Christmas You Tell The Truth

I miss...
♥ you.
♥ you asking about how my day went.
♥ telling you how my day went.
♥ you telling me what you're currently up to.
♥ telling you what I'm currently doing.
♥ your good morning and good night texts.
♥ having someone to say good morning and good night to everyday.
♥ having someone to text constantly.
♥ conversing through YM status. Haha.
♥ our "spontaneous meetups" that never happen HAHA.
♥ your concern every time I say I'm on my way home from school and it's really late at night.
♥ your concern when I say I'm going drinking with friends.
♥ it when you wish me luck every time I have a performance :-)
♥ being excited with you when we're counting down the days til we finally see each other!
♥ you saying my status breaks your heart =(( =))
♥ you linking me to youtube videos because you think they're awesome.
♥ playing 20 questions with you. :-)
♥ the first week of November 2009! Sweet November. ♥

CHEESY, I know. But heck, it's Christmas. And at Christmas, you tell the truth.

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