'Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

It's really true... the older you get, the less presents you open. :-P

This year's Christmas was just like last year's--simple but awesome. :-) I miss my childhood Christmases, though. I used to celebrate with my father's side of the family--complete with 2nd degree relatives! Pretty big celebration, yes. Now I celebrate Christmas Eve & Noche Buena with my mom's side then have Christmas Lunch with my dad's side.

Our Christmas tree that we put up only two days ago xD

My cousin Gene was very excited to open his presents!

What we had for Noche Buena: scalloped potatoes (favorite :-D), ham, queso de bola, bread, fruit, wine, mango float...

Presents! :-D Matthews by CMG peep-toe booties and iPod Touch Speck Candy Shell (finally a new iPod case!!) from dad, LV Graffiti wallet from mom, pillow, orange top, black skirt from lolo & lola

So cute, I didn't really ask for shoes from dad, but he gave me a pair anyway. YAY thanks dad :"> and mmm, he's got good taste in shoes :-P

Family pictures! :-D
Me & my parents

Tito Pao, tita Gi & kiddos

Everyone now! Well, except lolo & lola :-(

Camwhoring/goofing around with my cousins (mom's side--yes they're all babies!) :-D

And of course... my dear Absolut ;-)

Christmas lunch with my dad's side now...
Me & parents again

Aunts & cousins

Mama and papa

Presents again! :-) tops from tita Faye (Mango) & ninang Tetet, Revlon colorstay lipstick from ate Bea, Sanuk from tita Bambi

We got bored at home so we decided to hit Greenhills only to find out it was closed! Ended up in Starbucks Rockwell (all the stores were closed too :|).

My Christmas was simple yet amazing. Celebrations aren't over yet, tho! I still have some to attend to in the weekend! Gotta love big clans ;-D


MC said...

Your dad is awesome, those shoes are soooo gorgeous!

♥ Erika Tan said...

They look better when worn ;-)