The Summer Vacay I Never Had...

Christmas break 09! 1-month long, baby! La Salle actually gave us 3 weeks, but since I didn't have any finals to take, I got a week more. I love being in CLA. :-D

It's the first time that I just went bumming around or doing whatever for a whole month. During summer vacations I usually go dancing, or take theatre.

Well here's what I did in those four weeks (which I haven't blogged about yet xD):

1. UP Visit :-) hung out with Desa, Inno and friends. Watched some Engg Week events and had a short drinking session at Dencio's.

2. Marty's birthday dinner at Friday's High Street. Also the day I spent so much on shoes! :-P

Happy 9th birthday, Marty!

Don't you just love her outfit? :-) love her Zara boots!

Zara knitvest cardigan, Topshop shirt, XOXO gray pants, So Fab heels, Ralph Lauren bag

3. "Set Block" party at Justin's in the far South (Alabang). HAHA. Just because I live in the North (QC) :-) apparently only 5 from our "set block" came to this party. The rest were Justin's friends. It was a fun night, nevertheless.

I love Rockband! I suck at the drums, tho. :-( but I rock the vocals, boo-ya!

Woohoo CommArts 108! (Carmi, me, Anya, Carlos)

4. Dinner with Brent at Omakase. REALLY GOOD FOOD! Thanks for the treat, tiddybur! =))

5. Zoie's 3rd birthday. A luau in January! Ended up not swimming though. The closest we got to hitting the pool was dipping our feet! We played Monopoly as well. I've finally used my first credit card... in Monopoly. =)) funny how we don't need paper money in Monopoly anymore! And that the lots are much more expensive now (millions!!). I wasn't able to take outfit photos :-(

Crocheted white vest, Mango tank top, brown belt, orange floral skirt, beaded slippers

6. Grade school batch reunion. :-D this is something we've been trying to plan for a couple of years... it finally happened! Although only a couple of us came (I was even late :-P), it was still fun. There was SO MUCH catching up to do, we stayed up late even if majority had school already the next day. Next reunion would be during one of our batchmates' 18th!
So I wasn't part of the picture :)) (Ivan, Sheena, Jen, Kat, Jazzie, Karen)

7. BOYS OVER FLOWERS! I finally gave in. I know I'm late but what the hell. :-P I got addicted to Boys Over Flowers over the break! My cousin lent me a dvd but it wouldn't work, so I ended up watching on Youtube. It frustrated me when I couldn't find the very last episode on Youtube! Super BV. But I was able to find it someplace else (Mysoju.com)--the savior of my sanity xP I don't know how many times I cried, but I know it made me smile more. Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo), Kim Bum (So Yi Jeung) and Kim Hyun Joong (Yoon Ji Hoo) make me smile :-) their smiles make my heart smile! They make me want to find a Korean boy for myself. =)) I'm also a SoEul shipper (So Yi Jeung [Kim Bum] & Chu Ga Eul [Kim So Eun]) :-) they were too cute for my life! I'm so getting myself an original dvd and I'm going to watch it over and over again :-D

Gu Jun Pyo and Geum Jan Di

So Yi Jeong and Chu Ga Eul

Yoon Ji Hoo and Geum Jan Di

Photos: google, bumsso@livejournal, allkpop.com

Boys Over Flowers made me study a few Korean words as well. I'm proud to say that I know how to count in Korean now! :)) and I can say a few simple words like please, hello, no, yes, happy birthday, etc. I've been watching Korean shows on YT also (Kim Bum's High Kick... will watch Dream soon)! I WANNA GO TO KOREA.

8. Avatar in 3D. It was amazing! I watched it without knowing who's in it or what it's about and I loved it. :-D gave me occasional headaches, though. But it was worth it. It was worth missing the 7:55 show, ending up watching at 11pm. Thanks, dad!
Photo: google

9. Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. Such a cute movie! I love the soundtrack :-) oh and I got surprised that Charice Pempengco was in it!
Photo: google

10. New Year's Revolution -- Power Hour party at Empire Superclub. My last hurrah before school starts! It was fun, although I think last year's Power Hour was better. I missed partying! Can't wait for the next one. I hope more of my friends would come! It was just me and Mikko at this Power Hour. :)) I did see a lot of people I know, none of them I'm really close to though.

My resolution :-P it's a good one, don't you think? ;-)

Topshop purple tank top, Topshop gold cropped vest, People are People skirt, Charles & Keith oxford boots, Swatch vintage gold watch, random accessories

11. Dream. I started watching Dream yesterday. I've only seen 2 episodes and Kim Bum hasn't had much exposure yet, but in what he's appeared in, he was awesome! He's definitely an AMAZING actor (disregarding his freakishly good looks and killer smile :-P)! I'm watching episode 3 today. Thanks to mysoju.com :-P unfortunately though, I wouldn't be able to marathon this like I did with Boys Over Flowers coz school starts tomorrow. At the most I'd be able to watch an episode a day. D: waaaa. Well anyway. xD
Photos: google

I just realized that I started and ended this post showing off the same shirt. =))

Hope you guys had an amazing Christmas vacation, too! So far I think this vacation's the most epic for me!

Erika :-)

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