Hearts Day at Clark

Valentine's shmalentines... I don't think I've ever enjoyed that holiday since I became a teenager. I remember when I was a kid, my mom and I would make cards for my relatives. I'd enjoy cutting out red and pink heart-shaped paper and writing on them with glitter pens. As I grew older, Valentine's became all about being jealous of my friends with lovers, or really tight groups of friends who celebrate a single ladies' night out.

Last year I spent my Valentines in my NSTP site and with my friend Iana in the LSGH fair. Might I say it wasn't a pretty awesome day, but at least I wasn't alone. This year, since it was a Sunday, I spent it with my aunts and niece at the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark. The balloons, planes, kites and gliders were pretty interesting, but I found the day rather dull. We got to the destination at around 5:30 in the morning. The hot air balloons landed at around 8 am and since then, we were just sitting on the same spot in the food court for hours. HOURS, I TELL YA. We were eating non-stop, just to be able to save the table. We tried flying my niece's kite every once in a while, but for some reason it wouldn't fly as high as the others. It was my first time to fly a kite so I guess I did pretty good for a first-timer. :) the rest of the time I was either asleep on the table or trying to take photos for my photography class.

We were supposed to have dinner somewhere nearby after but I fell asleep in the car, I don't really know why we didn't end up having dinner anymore. Prolly there were too many people? At around 9 or 10 pm, we were finally back in Manila. Although I was asleep almost the whole time (on the table and in the car), when I got home, I crashed on my bed and woke up the next morning. :3

I wish next year's Hearts Day would be better. I'd say bye to being single, perhaps? :P

Some photos I took during the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta (more on Facebook):

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