Love Me Back?

Today is one of those unusual Fridays I have--no training or school! So I stayed home all day watching episodes I missed of my favorite TV shows. :) One Tree Hill never fails to make me shed a tear or two (or buckets, actually). ♥

"Don't wait. Life's too short to play games. If you love somebody and you wanna be with them, then go get them. Deal with the mess later; we don't know what tomorrow will bring." - Haley, OTH season 7 ep 17

Today I also tried taking self-portraits for my photography class. I wasn't able to achieve the look I was going for, so I guess I'd have to re-shoot (elsewhere--I hate the lighting in my room) some other time. *most of the shots that came out nice were the unfocused ones T_T*

FOTOCOM (photography class) is giving me a hard time :( although I love photography, seems like it doesn't love me back :( it's still the route I want to take in my course though! I have to get out some more and just keep snapping. If only I can make everything arbitrary at this point :( unfortunately since I'm still learning, I've got to follow rules. *sigh*

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