23 Days Til Legality!

My 18th birthday is coming up and I've just started planning my party! Talk about cramming D: I know I started late but at least I know my planning's going somewhere. I recently gave my dad my proposals on venues and other matter, I'm just waiting for him to give me the go signal to start reserving. So far I'm working on my guest list and list of eighteen's. I never thought it would be so hard to cut down my guest list from 150 to 70 :( I'm still working on it!

Theme, check. Dress, check. Photo shoot, check (exciting!).

I'm so stoked! I hope it would be one hell of a party. :)

Anyway here are some outfits I haven't posted:

1. Purple top I borrowed from a friend, black tights
2. Dancewear :D this is what I usually wear to hiphop class. Bench body racerback, velvet pants, Zoo York skateboard shoes

My hair frustrates me. I've learned how to manage it though--by not brushing or combing it AT ALL (and tying it up as much as possible)! I'm getting it colored and cut soon. I want to cut off all the rebonded parts and keep my natural curls :)


Anonymous said...

Weeew! Goodluck to your 18th Birthday! I hope you'll have a good time :)

Erika said...

Thanks Marla :)