Did You Miss Me?


I missed my blog anniversary :( it turned one 4th of June! I forgot :( but anyway, since I remember now, although I'm three weeks late... HAPPY BLOG ANNIVERSARY! Thank you to all my followers and readers who are still here even though I rarely post nowadays :) I will try my best to keep my blog updated!

So anyway, the past three-four weeks have been beyond awesome--thanks to a special someone who I will be introducing to you guys slowly throughout the year. :) school hasn't been too hectic yet, but I've already done tons of org work! It's only the start of the school year but we've already had a number of performances. And we're working on a couple more for next week!

Two Sundays ago, LSDC-Contemporary was invited to dance the doxology at the Step by Steph dance recital. We performed our LPEP day 2 piece, Gabriel.

Photos by Mac Dimanlig

Then last week, the Lasallian community celebrated the Centennial Kickoff, the one-year countdown to the 100th year of DLSU. All the performing groups and other student organizations performed in the program which was participated in by tons and tons of Lasallians. :) we did a pretty long dance piece and might I say it's one of my favorites so far! The choreography was pretty intense but I love it. I wish I could show you guys a video, but I don't have one :( so let's just settle with pictures. :)

Photo by Meryl Algenio

Photos by Andrew Pamorada

Right now we're preparing for Art in Action: HUMAART Dance Series which we will be doing Friday next week. Then after that I'll be busy with the concert! My first term's really packed with tons of org stuff, and prolly acads by midterms. My video production class is kind of a hassle but oh well. I'm gonna be starting my thesis next term!!! I still have no idea what I plan to do for it. :(

But anyway, I'm sorry if I haven't been updating with my outfits and other stuff. I promise my next post will be about my new purchases and something special I got in the mail! :)

PS. I'm watching Toy Story 3 later, I'm so stoked!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Anniversary! Continue Blogging and Dancing! Hehehe.

Erika said...

Thanks Marla :)