I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Last week was such a terrible week for me. I lost my heart to a lover, but I lost that same lover as well. :( although it hurts a lot and I may not be okay for a while, I'm glad that we're still friends. We started out as good friends anyway, so I don't see any reason we can't go back to being that.

Constant reminders about how it's not my loss and pep talks from friends have been keeping me strong for the past few days. I feel blessed to have such amazing friends :)

On a lighter and happier note, I partied last weekend!

Happy 18th birthday, Issay!
Thrifted gold sequin top, People are People black skirt, Parisian studded flats

PS. I need some retail therapy. I still haven't gone to Forever21 :( must. go. before. this. month. ends!

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