Hi December!

Please be a month to remember :)

Hearing Christmas songs makes me feel giddy like a little girl unwrapping her presents from Santa. :) I love the Christmas spirit! Songs, shopping, cold weather, "formal" dinners, gift giving/secret Santas, feasts, opportunity to dress up in boots, coats, scarves etc. = ♥

Because I am so excited for the season, I can't wait to finally get school out of the way! Hell week starts this week and ends next, after which we finally go on break. Professors are now bombarding us with papers, exams, shoots and what-not and my thesis mentor is just so ugh. I just can't wait to get things over with!

Despite being busy with acads, I still of course find the time to have some fun. Happy Thursday with my buddies of course. Friday night was supposed to be Republiq night but plans changed and we ended up playing beer pong and singing karaoke in Cable Car instead. I also "cosplayed" as my roommate, Grai! Too bad I don't have photos, but then again I can always cosplay as her any time ;p Saturday night I watched Harlequin Theater Guild's last run of A Child of My Own. Nothing more I can say than it was amaaaaazing and I couldn't be more proud of them!

Two weeks. Two weeks til freedom.
And.. two weeks since I've seen someone in particular. :( the bee misses the bunny! :|

My camera's been idle lately, hence no photos for this post. :( there's still something wrong with my lens, I hope we finally get a new one or at least have it fixed this Christmas :3 and I'm glad I'm actually gonna get to tick something off my wishlist already! Someone's getting me my eyeliner, yay. :)

Anyway, gotta get back to work. Sorry to bore you guys with words and no pictures to show. :(

Erix :)

PS. I am in love with Sam and Quinn's (I've Had) The Time Of My Life! I want a relationship just like theirs. :p

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Tsina said...

December is <3, right? =)