Shopping Alone

Today I was supposed to go shopping with a friend but he told me this morning that he couldn't make it anymore so I ended up going alone. Never thought that shopping alone could actually be fun! ;p as planned, I went to Forever 21. I intended to buy a couple of tops and skirts, but after an hour and a half of going through racks and racks of clothes, shoes and accessories, I ended up getting a pair of peep-toe wedges instead.

Due to my lack of budget, I had to let go of all the clothing items I had on hand and left the store with just this lovely pair. I only had less than 400 pesos to spare for Christmas gift shopping so I opted to go to the bazaar to score some more finds. :) there were so much dresses and skirts I wanted to purchase from Forever 21 but I just couldn't resist the wedges! The clothes can wait, I guess. Can't wait for my next visit!

I also went to the department store and found a lot of shoes I want to get for myself! I swear SM (Parisian) has definitely stepped up in terms of style, thanks to PFW I guess. Again, can't wait for my next visit! Christmas money, come to me!

Oh and here's a photo of me wearing the semi-matte PP401 from The Face Shop:

5 days til Christmas! I'm so excited. :)

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