The First of Summer

Drive me away coz the night just feels right
Take me away with you tonight
Anywhere with you...

Goodbye, third term of junior year and hello summer!

I've finally earned my degree in Communication Arts. :) earlier this week, my partner and I got to defend our thesis and all that's left to do is to submit our post-defense requirements (which I shall be doing tomorrow) then we're officially done! Goodbye, Comm Arts! Such a great feeling :) I still have one more term before graduating, though.

On the bright side... it's summer bitchezzzz! After four months, I finally went back to dancing. So incoming freshmen in DLSU, watch out for me as I perform with LSDC-Contemporary during your LPEP in May. :) feels so good to be back! I'm finally gonna get back in shape. Summer 2010 body, please come back to mama? :) on another note, I might not be able to hit the beach this summer, what a bummer :( but we'll see. Maybe spontaneity would work its way for me :D

To start my summer with a bang, I partied with some friends at Fiamma last Friday night. Saw so many familiar faces! And it felt good to finally get to party again after quite some time :) and since I got all my grades and I think I did pretty well for the term, I thought it would be nice to celebrate! Here are some photos from last Friday :)


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