It's been a while

I'm sorry if I've currently been very neglectful of this blog. I haven't had the time to take outfit photos, or even really dress up for that matter. I've been very busy with my thesis and practicum recently and in a matter of a few days, it'll all be over and I'll finally be welcoming summer! I can't wait. :)

Things haven't really been eventful for me this past month. I've just been living the typical city (Taft) life. It's so sad that I haven't even gotten the chance to watch a movie in the cinemas! It's been months :( the last time I did was in December, imagine that!!! I've been very busy that the only times I've had for my social life were in drinking places that are near my condo in Taft.

Probably the only highlights of the previous month are Harlequin Theater Guild's Ang Sarili Kong Anak (which I shall be blogging about right after this) and my practicum at Myx.

I'll be defending my thesis on Monday, so wish me luck guys! After that I just need to submit my post-thesis requirements then I wave goodbye to my junior year in college and hello to summer! Just a little bit more!!!

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