I need you so much closer.

My ever so trusty cheap pair of sunnies and Balmain scarf which I would always wear as a turban :3

Five more days left til I turn nineteen and I haven't ticked off all the boxes in my "things to do while I'm 18" list. :( AND six more days left in my summer vacation and I've only achieved one of my goals! I haven't even been to the beach yet :( all I have done this summer was just to dance, sleep, bum out in Starbucks (which I am doing right now), play DoTA (which I have unforgivably succumbed to) and Left4Dead2 and do a lot (A LOT I TELL YA) of thinking.

Hopefully my dinner date with a friend tonight would push through. I need some decent dinner for once! Haven't had one in a while (the perks of living alone in the condo for the summer without groceries) :(

Oh and the Manila heat is KILLING ME. Heat rashes on my legs, not good. :(

This is such a sad post. Much more interesting posts coming soon, I hope. My life has been pretty uneventful.

PS. I am in love with this song.

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Megann Monday said...

HAHAHA I can relate with that whole living alone no groceries situation! :)) Good luck Erix! ;)