Pinky Swear

So tonight, my dinner date with Brent finally pushed through! Such a fun night it was. Good times :)

We met up in Taft, then headed to Teriyaki Boy in Harbor Square. When we were seated, the first thing that caught my attention were these Genmai Cha Twisters that reminded me of Happy Lemon (cocoa with rocksalt and cheese is HEAVEN) so I had to try them out. I ordered the Chocolate Gemnai Cha with Cream Cheese which unfortunately was quite a disappointment. :(

My order came in late, so Brent and I had a lot of time to chat before actually eating. It's been a while since the last time we had dinner (I think the last was Omakase in December 2009?)! Well that's most probably because we had a fight some time last year and just got around to being friends again early this year, teehee. Glad we did, though, 'cause tonight, we actually realized how awesome and important our friendship is. See, we used to be best friends. And he was and perhaps will forever be my brother :-)

What a huge piece of spicy salmon this was :))

Curry beef teppanyaki! I love curry :-)

So much "pinky swear" stories awhile ago. I'm really glad to have Brent back! :-) to more dinners (and drinking sessions)! :D

Was supposed to extend the night and hang out at his place with some other friends but I couldn't coz of a Technical Theater Workshop I'm attending tomorrow morning. *sigh* oh and to whoever said that the world is ending tomorrow, END OF THE WORLD MY ASS! I am a non-believer! :))

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